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Professionalise Your Email with Ease

Elevate your brand with a bespoke email address that forwards to your existing inbox. Stern Consulting partners with ImprovMX to bring you a freemium email forwarding service, combining the professionalism of a customised email with the convenience you’re accustomed to.

Why Choose Our Email Services?

At Stern Consulting, we understand the importance of a professional digital presence. Our email services are designed to provide not only a professional appearance but also enhanced functionality tailored for business efficiency. Here’s how we help you leverage your email communication:

  • Enhanced Professional Image: Utilise a custom domain that strengthens your brand and creates a lasting first impression.

  • Increased Credibility and Trust: A professional domain is perceived as more credible, fostering trust among clients and partners.

  • Seamless Integration: Forward emails effortlessly to any existing email account, allowing for convenient management without platform changes.

  • Send As Functionality: Send emails from generic accounts while displaying your professional address, ensuring consistent business communications.

  • Gmail Compatibility: Optimized for Gmail, this feature allows for simple setup and seamless operation with popular email platforms.

  • Flexibility and Control: Modify forwarding settings as needed without impacting your contact information, maintaining a consistent professional presence.

  • Cost-Effective Solution: Access these benefits at minimal or no extra cost, offering a practical choice for enhancing your professional email capabilities.

Leverage these features to elevate your business communications and maintain a strong, professional online presence.

Seamless Email Integration, Made Simple

At Stern Consulting, we understand that setting up a professional email shouldn't be a hassle. We ensure a smooth, stress-free email setup process so you can focus on what really matters - growing your business.

  • Personalized Setup Assistance: Our experts are here to guide you every step of the way, from domain selection to full integration.

  • Quick Turnaround: Get your professional email up and running swiftly, with most setups completed within 24 hours.

  • Continuous Support: Our support doesn't end at setup. We provide ongoing assistance to ensure your email services run smoothly.

Let us handle the technical details while you enjoy a professional email service that works seamlessly with your business needs.

Ready to Elevate Your Email Experience?

Boost your business identity with a professional email address that forwards to your existing Gmail or other generic email account. Experience seamless integration and the practical benefits of using familiar tools with a polished, professional touch.

  • Quick Setup: Get your custom email domain ready in no time.

  • No Hassle: Continue using your preferred email platforms like Gmail with added professional credibility.

Submit your request today through our form below and start transforming your business email into a powerful asset.

Join the Email Revolution

Are you ready to upgrade your business email without the hassle? Get in touch with Stern Consulting for a one-time setup service that unlocks the full potential of ImprovMX's freemium email forwarding. Complete the form below, and let’s get your business communicating with confidence.

We're proud affiliates of ImprovMX, chosen for their excellent service. When you use our setup service, we may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. This partnership allows us to support businesses like yours with high-quality email solutions.

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